Top 10 Hug Types

It’s rather fitting that I write about hugs right before Valentine’s Day. I hope you get the giggles just as I did when I started thinking about how many different types of hugs occur daily.

Let’s define:

hug(trans v)-\ˈhəg\-
a. to press tightly especially in the arms
b. to hold fast: cherish
c. to stay close to

(Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary Online)

Panda Hug

WELL here’s my top 10 ten descriptions of hugging experiences:

10. The Lanky Arm Hug- When you have that friend who has incredibly long appendages and they sort of octupus wrap them around you and really, you’re just getting a face full of bosom.

9. The Same Height Hug- When you and your friend are level in the shoulders and you can’t figure out who hugs over top, so after a sideways glance you just man up and see who is an inch taller..

8. The Back-Pat included Hug- When your friend decides that maybe you needed a pat on the back today, but in reality you’re thinking get your hands off me bro haha.

7. The Side Hug- Well this one is self-explanatory, but you should know if you get it, she/he just wants to be friends, or you need deodorant.

6.The Pelvis-in Hug- Well this is awkward, but sometimes people commit all the way to that hug, cause you’re so huggable of course.

5. The Under-the-Armpit Hug- Well this one is like getting the bottom half of the bagel, it’s not as good as the top half, but you just gotta face it. Warning, it may get uncomfortable and sweaty.

4. The Booty-Out Hug- Basically this person is saying hey I don’t know you but I’ll give you a courtesy hug, booty sticking out so they can back out quickly.

3. The Too-Long Hug- We’ve all been there, either you held on too long, or they needed a lesson in basic hugging, but this one gets awkward. I tend to get held longer by elderly folk..

2. The Too-Tight Hug- You would think since the main definition of Hug is ‘to press tightly’ that this would be acceptable upon occurrence, but you’ve either just gotten help digesting your lunch since they squeezed you so hard, you’ve expedited the entire hugging debacle, or someone just really wanted to make you never forget that huggin’.

1. The Just Right Hug- (A sigh of relief) These are always so welcomed and satisfying. You’ll know it when it happens, but there’s really no formulating the perfect hug into words.

So HUG it Out this week, and Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤



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