First World Problem-The Soft Pretzel

As my sister and I hurriedly sifted our way through the throngs of people at the mall on Saturday, we couldn’t help but end our adventure with a soft pretzel.

Who doesn’t like soft pretzels? Warm, fluffy bread, salted to perfection, malleable and pliable to the touch. Perfect for whoofing down, or enjoying in small bites. Not to mention, they come in 10 different flavors, but with a huge letdown in the two kinds of dip, cheese or cinnamon glaze.

So as we waited in the line that was so lengthy I had time to go to the farthest bathroom and back, I observed the workers behind the stand. Glistening, like the pretzels they were about to butter. Half-smiling in panic because they couldn’t make the oven cook fast enough for the demanding pretzel fanatics that couldn’t decide if they wanted garlic on their sour cream and onion pretzel with cheese on the side. Did I mention they were sampling old-fashioned lemonade? Meanwhile, I was informed that my garlic pretzel would take about 7 mins because they ran out. 20 minutes later I wrestled with and grudgingly accepted this realization:

1.I just paid $4 for a piece of bread, cost of a whole loaf? $2

2.The cheese dip was the fake cheese, like worse than nacho cheese!

3.Twenty people and their twenty kids got their pretzels before me…and I was left with a brown pretzel that left the impression of a full clove of garlic lingering on my breath.


What I’m really trying to say is that we have a problem. I have a problem, you have a problem, the workers have a problem. Why was I growing so impatient and uncomfortable because my soft pretzel wasn’t prepared on time? Why was I giving in to the consumerist, “I buy and eat because I can” type of mindset? We become so complacent in our ability to quickly satisfy our hungers, the physical and the like.  I call them “first world problems.” They are complaints about incidences that in retrospect really aren’t a big deal. 

Next time you go wait in line to buy your soft pretzel, ground yourself. Think about where you are in that moment(the mall, consumerism at its finest), and who is surrounding you. Be grateful that you have the chance to appease your soul, but don’t get used to it, otherwise that flesh and spirit man of yours might grow uncontrollably.

I write this as I am eating ice cream, I’m no saint, and I’m definitely an inclusion in this blog 🙂



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