The Beauty of the Blog

I was caught up in family and friends, the ever long silent fits of laughing that keep my face in permanent scrunch mode. So much so that I didn’t blog on Friday.

I then remembered that the beauty of blogging is in its innocence. My friend Lauren, a fellow blogger, told me to just be genuine. I have decided that I don’t want my blogs to be warranted by a certain day of the week. I want them to almost be posted out of proofread impulsiveness. This blog is supposed to be raw emotion, a staircase of thoughts, and a display of the greatness that others are achieving.

This is a promise to myself, to not over-think and beat my brain to a pulp about what to write. This is a promise to you, once more, to stay true to myself and share what’s on my heart.

Until next time, ciao!


2 thoughts on “The Beauty of the Blog

  1. I have been feeling the same way! Telling myself not to over think but the journey of blogging is about exposing yourself. And I love how you referred to blogging as innocent, because it truly is. We’re the ones comparing and putting on our own pressure. Thanks for the reminder :]

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