Revel in this Sunday

There’s something about the mannerisms of the water, the way the pretend waterfall flushes ferociously into the pool and how I long to lap in its intensity. This is how my Sunday is unfolding. I rose this morning battling the same urge whether to stay in bed just a little longer, or make this disobedient body catalyze its biochemical processes. I love Sundays, they always bring light and warmth, both spiritually and physically. I’m graced by the gentle guidance of the church goers. I am filled with good eats and delectable conversation. I cocoon myself by evening in a chrysalis of literature-non fiction to placate my inner scientist, and fiction to appease my creative junkie needs. I top off the night with listening to my sister’s inadvertent inculcations of serenity and patience that stream from her piano playing. I am fulfilled.
I yearn for simplicity and complexity at the same time. The brashness of Monday and its premonitory ways have further increased the value of Sunday. Perhaps a literary stretch, but it seems to be named the day of sun for these reasons.
As it comes to a close, I bite down and savor the richness of today. How blessed I am to receive another gift next week. Every 7 days, habitually and reverently I will meet it. Sunday always waits for me. I bring my trite complaints, body-aches and taints yet still I am embraced dutifully and joyfully each time. Press on,lightly, and you’ll find that your Sunday awaits you.



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