Self See-Saw

I sat upon a cracked red see-saw and gripped the handle tight.

My gaze wandered and landed on the person seated across from me who would keep me from flight.

She looked strikingly familiar, mirror image wearing black.

And as my legs pushed off the ground, she rehearsed to me these facts:

Less pride,more humility

Less jealously,more self love

Less complaining,more appreciation
Less saying, more doing
Less hating, more loving
Less talking, more listening
Less fear, more confidence
Less uncertainty,more conviction
Less busy, more focus
Less stress, more renewal
Less inhibition, more freedom
Less convention, more openness
Less waste, more conservation
Less consumption, more sustainability
Less lust, more desire
Less resentment, more forgiveness

Less excuses, more reasons

Less doubt, more belief



I couldn’t believe and I began to doubt, that she had just spouted these words I had forgotten about.

These ways of life sprinkled here and there, would be my guide to keep me in the air.


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