It is A part of life. Apart from life, I strolled through the forest picking at leaves I thought were ready to fall into my hands. They were not ready for me. I watched as others on the promenade picked the exact leaves of their wanting. Some trees bore fruit plenty with seed. They quietly […]

Revel in this Sunday

There’s something about the mannerisms of the water, the way the pretend waterfall flushes ferociously into the pool and how I long to lap in its intensity. This is how my Sunday is unfolding. I rose this morning battling the same urge whether to stay in bed just a little longer, or make this disobedient […]

The Beauty of the Blog

I was caught up in family and friends, the ever long silent fits of laughing that keep my face in permanent scrunch mode. So much so that I didn’t blog on Friday. I then remembered that the beauty of blogging is in its innocence. My friend Lauren, a fellow blogger, told me to just be […]

First World Problem-The Soft Pretzel

As my sister and I hurriedly sifted our way through the throngs of people at the mall on Saturday, we couldn’t help but end our adventure with a soft pretzel. Who doesn’t like soft pretzels? Warm, fluffy bread, salted to perfection, malleable and pliable to the touch. Perfect for whoofing down, or enjoying in small bites. […]


Well this is embarrassing. I almost missed a Friday post 🙂 but thank God it’s Friday, it’s been quite the eventful week. My post is coming tomorrow, I’m breaking my own rule, don’t think I wasn’t thinking about it all week. Breathe deep, it’s the weekend. Try something new on your Saturday, and delight in […]


This is a recent poem that I wrote on one of those nights where I found myself falling awake at 2am. I’d like to hear your interpretations. Writing poetry is pretty much novel to me. January 23, 2013 Leaves are falling, calling, for change, for life to rearrange, shift, and swift. Please, it’s almost spring, […]