Revel in this Sunday

There’s something about the mannerisms of the water, the way the pretend waterfall flushes ferociously into the pool and how I long to lap in its intensity. This is how my Sunday is unfolding. I rose this morning battling the same urge whether to stay in bed just a little longer, or make this disobedient […]

The Beauty of the Blog

I was caught up in family and friends, the ever long silent fits of laughing that keep my face in permanent scrunch mode. So much so that I didn’t blog on Friday. I then remembered that the beauty of blogging is in its innocence. My friend Lauren, a fellow blogger, told me to just be […]

First World Problem-The Soft Pretzel

As my sister and I hurriedly sifted our way through the throngs of people at the mall on Saturday, we couldn’t help but end our adventure with a soft pretzel. Who doesn’t like soft pretzels? Warm, fluffy bread, salted to perfection, malleable and pliable to the touch. Perfect for whoofing down, or enjoying in small bites. […]


Well this is embarrassing. I almost missed a Friday post 🙂 but thank God it’s Friday, it’s been quite the eventful week. My post is coming tomorrow, I’m breaking my own rule, don’t think I wasn’t thinking about it all week. Breathe deep, it’s the weekend. Try something new on your Saturday, and delight in […]


The purpose of my blog is to expose my followers to truths,ideas,and expressions of life’s issues,beauties,and perfect flaws. I will do this by: -Highlighting an artist, musician, or other noteworthy person and their body of work -Sharing some of my poetry and spoken word -Posting “How-to’s” or “Top 10 lists” -Posting video blogs just for […]